Trusting relationships fostered in our long-standing history and a network of alumnae flourishing in a diverse array of business fields

Employment situation

The percentage of the students who found jobs before graduation was 97.9% as of March 31, 2017. This number, indeed, is attributed to students acknowledging the severe situation and actively working on finding jobs, as well as the fact that there is a trusting relationship between our school and corporations thanks to the successes of our alumnae network.
Aoyama Gakuin Women's Junior College offers its first career guidance sessions in August for freshmen, offering those who wish to be employed an opportunity to participate in career events, as well as access to job placement data in our reference room and individual counseling provided by career counselors. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of this career support. Finding employment challenges how much effort students expended in their student life for two or three years. The important thing is for students to hold a strong sense of purpose and to gain valuable experience through encounters with college teachers and friends so that they can live their student lives to the fullest and to the utmost of their abilities.

Career guidance of the Department of Childhood Studies

The current and former Departments of Childhood Studies together boast a half-century of history and traditions, and many of our alumnae support and play vital roles in childcare fields, making it possible to increase the number of employment offers and achieve an employment rate of nearly 100%. Moreover, besides childcare fields, a number of alumnae have chosen to enter art fields, such as theater and photography, and private companies or to transfer full-time to other universities, allowing them to be active in a variety of fields.
In an effort to support their career paths, the Department of Childhood Studies offers seven sessions of its own unique style of career guidance. In these sessions, students enjoy opportunities to hear from alumnae who are active in various fields while being introduced to important points about getting jobs in childcare fields. Current childcare fields are based on childcare styles that are beyond the scope of traditional daycare centers and kindergartens, as well as management agencies that are beyond the traditional frameworks of educational corporations, social welfare corporations, and public schools, and are growing in diversity. Although childcare fields have large social demands, it is vital to recognize the fact that childcare has been employed in many different qualitative forms. For this reason, our career guidance focuses on cultivating a student's own views about childcare and on having a keen eye in selecting the setting for childcare from a vast number of options and information.
Further, after graduation, the alumnae of the department are invited to an annual child research group, which publishes a newsletter twice a year under the combined effort of the alumnae organizer and faculty members from the department, offering each alumna and faculty member an opportunity to reassess and learn each other's views about childcare as well as a fun place for reunions.