Fostering a zest for living through a wide range of learning

The Department of Liberal Arts and Department of Childhood Studies provide education based on core courses common to both departments and the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum. The Department of Liberal Arts has established three majors centered on three challenges of modern society, while the Department of Childhood Studies teaches students to understand humanity through learning about children.

Department of Liberal Arts

Establishment of the Japanese Studies, International Studies, and Humanity and Society Majors enables students to educate themselves extensively in a cross-sectoral manner by making use of the technical, in-depth, and systematic learning approaches in each department.

Facing the culture and society of Japan
The aims of the Japanese Studies Major are to instill in-depth education about modern Japan and advanced Japanese language skills and to cultivate individuals who are equipped with the ability to reconsider Japanese culture and society from a historical and international viewpoint.

Developing problem-solving skills beyond national boundaries
The aims of the International Studies Major are to equip students with the ability to actively go abroad by gaining knowledge and English language proficiency to understand and discuss world cultures and international relations extensively.

Exploring the roots of humanity and society
The aims of the Humanity and Society Major are to cultivate individuals who have the ability to solve problems with a pressing need for explanation by learning about humanity and society from the viewpoints of the environment and life so that they can comprehensively decipher modern society.

Department of Childhood Studies

The Department of Childhood Studies regards children, the starting point of humans, as the core of a coordinate axis and aims to educate students by raising questions so that they carefully think and learn about humanity and society through an organically structured three-year curriculum.