Educational Features

Educational Features

Department of Contemporary Liberal Arts

We offer three majors for students to acquire a deeper understanding of three challenges and core areas in the modern age.

The Department of Contemporary Liberal Arts concentrates on three core areas, Japanese studies, international studies, and humanity and society, and three majors were established, the Japanese Studies Major, International Studies Major, and Humanity and Society Major, which correspond to each of the above core areas. In each major, students can study humanities, social science, and natural science in a comprehensive manner without being restrained by traditional academic disciplines.

Japanese Studies Major

Facing the culture and society of Japan

International Studies Major

Developing problem-solving skills beyond national boundaries

Humanity and Society Major

Exploring the roots of humanity and society

Department of Childhood Studies

Department of Childhood Studies

Providing the opportunity to learn in-depth about humanity and society through the eyes of children and with eyes for children.

Children are the starting point of human life. Accepting children with sincerity is to accept everyone with sincerity, and caring for children, who are the future, is to care for the future of human society. The Department of Childhood Studies regards children, the starting point of humans, as the core of a coordinate axis and aims to educate students by raising questions so that they carefully think and learn about humanity and society through an organically-structured, three-year curriculum.

Educational Features

1. Solid basis for learning

Contemporary Liberal Arts Core Curriculum

This curriculum provides students with knowledge, attitude, sensitivity, and the ability to express oneself, which represent the educational core necessary for women living in the modern world. Students can freely take classes from the three course groups (Ⅰ to Ⅲ).

Contemporary Liberal Arts Core Curriculum Group

Core courses

Laying the foundation for students to live rich and full lives through hard work in modern times
●Biblical study ●Foreign languages ●Health ●Information ●Career Life Design (CLD) course, etc.

Seminar scenery

2. Active learning for development of positive human qualities

Seminars starting in the freshmen year

From entrance until graduation from the school, we offer compulsory seminars to students in small groups, and students prepare a graduation thesis: Guidance counselors provide kind support for students, help them with their graduation work, and offer career counseling.

Learning how to live together in harmony through experience

Hands-on learning opportunities are offered through work camps and study tours both domestically and abroad to acquire the means to live together in harmony.

Career Life Design course

From the viewpoint of a women's life course and career, this course helps students face the future and clarify what they should do in today's world.


3. Support for further career development


We offer a detailed support system from day one based on our excellent recruitment achievements and backed up by our longstanding, trusted relationships with corporations.

Transfer to a university

Approximately 10% of our students choose to transfer to universities, including those transferring to Aoyama Gakuin University by taking advantage of our recommendation system.

Study abroad/International exchange

Our school has three sister schools in the U.S. that offer opportunities for our students to actively participate in language study during summer and spring breaks, to study abroad, and to transfer to and interact with beyond national boundaries.

Acquisition of qualifications

Department of Contemporary Liberal Arts
Japanese Studies Major Type
Junior High School Teaching Certificate (Japanese Language) and Librarian Certificate
International Studies Major Type
Junior High School Teaching Certificate (English Language) and Librarian Certificate
Humanity and Society Major Type
Junior High School Teaching Certificate (Social Studies/Home Economics) and Librarian Certificate
Department of Childhood Studies Type
Kindergarten Teaching Certificate, Certificate for Nursery Teacher, and Librarian Certificate